Next Workshop: June 1

Milk Moon will be holding its third “Yoga for the Postpartum Mom” Workshop on Saturday, June 1 at AREA Brooklyn Heights (144 Montague) from 4 PM – 6 PM. As always, light refreshments will be served and we will have goody bags!


  1. Can I bring my baby?Yes, we welcome pre-crawler babies.
  2. Can I come on my own?Yes, you can come on your own.
  3. Is this is a “Mommy + Me” class?This is not a traditional “Mommy + Me” class. Yoga for the Postpartum Mom is designed to cater to the physical and emotional needs of the postpartum mother. Babies are welcome, but the main focus will be on addressing specific physical and emotional issues in the postpartum body. All our workshops emphasize developing body awareness, cultivating body acceptance, practicing self-care, creating a supple pelvic floor and learning how to move mindfully while caring for baby.


Our mission at MILK MOON is to provide comprehensive support to prenatal and postpartum women and to offer a well-balanced perspective on childbirth. We currently host a monthly workshop series in Brooklyn Heights, and we will be offering donation-based weekly gatherings for moms and newborns.

  • We encourage women to honor their bodies and their individual needs.
  • We respect that each woman’s recovery is a personal and private journey.
  • We welcome diversity in the experience of motherhood.

Launching Milk Moon

We launched our first MILK MOON “Yoga for the Postpartum Mom” Worksop at AREA Yoga & Spa in Saturday, March 30. We had a small and dedicated group of postpartum mamas join. Some of our yogi mamas even brought their newborns.

The Milk Moon Mamas shared their birth stories, meditated, practiced pranayama, cultivated pelvic floor awareness, learned how to isolate and engage muscles to optimize movements involved in newborn care, moved in a mindful vinyasa practice, and enjoyed a restorative yoga session with gentle massage.

MILK MOON is a Brooklyn-based wellness program for postpartum moms founded by Abigail Groff and Janel Martir. The program offers a broad curriculum combining yoga, body awareness exercises, breathwork and mindful movement. The Milk Moon mission is to provide comprehensive and community-based support to postpartum moms in the Brooklyn area. Milk Moon will be hosting weekly educational events, monthly workshops and support groups in Brooklyn Heights.

Milk Moon is an inclusive community and welcomes mothers of adoptive children, foster moms, single moms and moms of multiples.

If you are interested in being part of the Milk Moon community, e-mail and we will contact you when we launch our first Milk Moon event.

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